I love the texture of this product! It’s super silky and creamy which makes my hair feel amazing. I apply a very small pea sized amount onto my ends and run my fingers through my hair to distribute it evenly. It’s a game changer if you have colour treated hair, damaged hair, frizziness or tangles. I have long, constantly tangled hair and it really helps a lot. The only down side is that is does contain perfume so if you are sensitive to fragrance this might not be for you.

Jenni Naturally | author of Global Travel Tutor Blog

My hair is “special” to put it lightly, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, it’s very rare I find a nice product my hair and scalp will be cordial with… My hair is also fine/thin/dyed and definitely needs a little tlc.. on a good day I can throw some dry shampoo in it and throw it in a pony or messy bun.. but on days I don’t want it up I want to make sure my hair is tamed, and my ends (the wild children they are) are under control… This stuff smells like something out of my youth, like the musk of a distant relative mixed with potpourri.. which may not sound appealing to some, however it smells rather pretty and makes me feel put together whilst taming the bad boys that want to fly away on my head and giving my hair the appearance of “put togetherness” sleekness/shine/health..etc.. A product like this makes it easy to be low maintenance without obviousness if that makes sense.. I love this stuff.. let me just leave it at that.

Erin Does Beauty | author of Erin Does Beauty Blog

My hair is brittle, coarse and resembles a lion’s mane. I use a permanent color every 3 weeks, a 10 minute color touch-up in between, and straighten it every 12 weeks. I also use to flat iron it at least 5 times per week, after every wash, because I exercise almost every day. If abusing one’s hair was a crime, I would be convicted and get a life sentence.Approximately 2 years ago, I was introduced to the Marrakesh Styling Elixir and leave in conditioner by my colorist; since then the quality of my hair completely changed. It looks very healthy, shiny and the brittle texture disappeared. I love the smell and only wished they made body creams, so I could use them as my regular body lotion. I often get compliments and I don’t have to wash my hair every day any more. This is a first for me in my adult life!  I am a huge fan or your products and have bought them for friends that over-treat their hair. My daughter and granddaughter both use your products; I started them young!

On a side note, a few months ago, I commented to my colorist that I noticed her hands were looking much better than usual. They were typically very red and her fingers always had cracks. She told me that since she started applying the Marrakesh Styling Elixir on her clients hair, her hands completely healed!  Now my husband uses the elixir on his hands.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

Sylvia Botero | Senior Vice President, RBB Architects Inc.

I have been using your soy candles for the past year as a personal moisturizer. Just recently I have encountered your Skinny Dip Hand and Body cream and I have the most positive things to say about it. While as a body moisturizer it absorbs almost too quickly for a not so day long effect…. I have been putting it on my face for the past week, and am flattered to how your product works. I do not know why, because I have been a cigarette smoker for years and used hemp recreationally for the past 7 years and just recently slowed down. But as a smoker Proactive did not work, many products do not work. This is an oil. I am so glad my face accepts it, adores it and craves it. I do not break out with normal moisturizer and cleaner like I once did.

A HUGE fan….. I will not buy another face lotion again. Don’t change your potion.

Thank you for everything y’all do

Kara Jung

 I love the Earthly Body lotions in the formulas that contains Shea butter.  Rich and thick and luxurious, they smooth and soothe the skin like no other lotion.  My clients love it and I recommend it over any other brand with complete confidence that they will love it also.  Keep up the good work.

Pamela Kilmek


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