Straight Hair Cocktail Collection

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Now anyone can have great hair that is simple to style with very little time and effort. Use this collection to turn your coarse, thick and frizzy hair into beautiful straight hair with a cocktail of Marrakesh products!

Our Straight Hair Cocktail Collection has everything you need to style your straight hair perfectly everyday!

The Straight Hair Cocktail Collection includes:
Marrakesh Oil, 2oz
Our powerful blend of nutrient-rich Argan Oil, from Morocco, and ultra fortifying Hemp Seed Oil significantly improves hair condition and texture. Leaves hair feeling silky smooth with a healthy, frizz free, glossy shine. Cuts drying time in half.

Marrakesh Kahm, 2oz
Our smoothing blend of Vegetable Keratin Protein, Argan Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil significantly improves internal strength and locks in smoothness without damaging chemicals. Get hair stick straight or create flexible curls or waves with long lasting frizz and humidity control. Safe for color treated hair.

Marrakesh X, 4oz
Our restorative blend of nutrient- rich Argan Oil, from Morocco, ultra fortifying Hemp Seed Oil, Panthenol, and pure botanical extracts instantly moisturizes and detangles, while helping to protect hair from damage. Provides long lasting frizz and static control with added glossy shine.

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Marrakesh Cocktail: Straight Hair


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