What is Hemp & Argan Oil Therapy?

Hemp & Argan Oil Therapy is our powerful blend of nutrient-rich Argan Oil from Morocco and ultra fortifying Hemp Seed Oil which helps significantly improve hair condition and texture.

What is Vegetable Keratin Protein?

Vegetable Keratin Protein is a vegetable alternative to animal Keratin which improves hair’s internal strength and locks in smoothness without damaging chemicals. It can also help prevent future damage. You find Vegetable Keratin Protein in our entire line of Kahm Smoothing products.

Why is sulfate-free better for my hair?

Sulfates are what make shampoos turn into a thick lather in the shower. This ingredient, which is standard for most shampoo, can cause scalp irritations, frizziness (especially in curly hair), and strip the color from dyed hair.

What is the difference between Marrakesh Oil and Oil Light?

Marrakesh Oil can be use on all hair types, while Oil Light is specially formulated for fine hair.

Can you use Marrakesh Oil on your skin?

We highly recommend that you use Marrakesh Oil only on your hair, however it is safe to use on skin as well.

Are Marrakesh products natural?

Marrakesh products are made from natural ingredients.  We don’t use mineral oil, dyes, sulfates, propylene glycol, phthalates or parabens. Marrakesh’s products are 100% Vegan, drug free and cruelty-free. We are on PETA’s “No Test List” and are Leaping Bunny certified.

Can I find Marrakesh at my local salon?

You can use our Salon Locator to locate salons near you that carry Marrakesh products. Can’t find a Marrakesh Salon near you? Our full line is available for purchase here on our website.

Can I sell Marrakesh products through my online store?

Yes, you may carry Marrakesh products in your online store but you must keep full stock of the products you will be selling. Please contact your local representative and ask for Marrakesh products.

Shipping FAQs

How can I get Free Shipping?
Orders over $30 (before tax and shipping charges are added) qualify for free shipping on our Earthly Body, Marrakesh and CBD Daily websites. Please make sure to double-check that you have selected the ‘Free Shipping’ option before checking out.
*We’re sorry, but free shipping is not available for Hawaii or Alaska.

How long will it take for my Order to Ship?
Please allow up to 7-10 business days for your order to process and ship. You should receive an email when your order ships. If for some reason your order is delayed past the 7-10 day window of time, feel free to contact us at 818-993-3880 or [email protected]

Do you Ship to Canada?
Unfortunately, we do not ship retail orders to Canada at this time. But, if you live in Canada, you do have some options:
1) Using your address or zip code, you can use the Store Locator feature on our website to see if there are any stores in your area that carry Earthly Body products. (To be sure that the product you’re looking for will be there, we suggest you call each store first)

2) If you are close to the US/Canadian Border, you can have the items shipped to a UPS store by the border.

*If you are interested in purchasing wholesale for a salon or business and if you’d like to become a wholesaler, we do ship wholesale orders to Canada.

I have an International Billing Address but would like to ship products to a US Address, can I place an order?
Sorry, we are only able to accept payment if you have both a US Billing and Shipping address. If not, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot accept both an international billing and/or shipping address at this time.

I purchased from a third party seller, can I return the product to you if something goes wrong?
Marrakesh will not replace, refund, or provide our 100% satisfaction guarantee, nor will we honor our warranty for products purchased from unauthorized sellers on Ebay, Amazon, and other internet retailers, and unauthorized brick and mortar retail locations. Authorized Marrakesh re-sellers go through specific product training. Therefore, please call us if you would like to confirm our authorized re-sellers to ensure you receive Marrakesh’s full product guarantee/warranty.